17 May 2012

a little bit of colour again..

a voice in my ear, the world on my shoulders
45.5 x 33.5 cm (unframed measurements)
mixed media on paper 
mounted, glazed and framed

Back again!  Family is fed, watered, washed; downstairs is hoovered!!! Phew!  How come with all our gadgets women seem to be more stressed nowadays than ever before?  Don`t get me started on the plights of the 21st century... there`s a lot of good stuff going on too, but I don`t think we were meant to live life at this pace!  

Anyway, enough rambling! Yet more little birds!!  I would love to know what they`ve been telling her, but it can`t be too good because she doesn`t look all that happy!! Melancholic is the word!  Anyway, this was done on top of the ghost print that I took after doing the monotype  He loves me, he loves me not.  I hate wasting things and recycle when I can, even in art.  As you can see, I love to explore the same or similar subject matter in various media to see what happens.  I wish I`d done this one on watercolour paper though, but there`s always next time....  I forgot to put the thingymijig (spell?) over the feed dog on the sewing machine, or the bobbin tension wasn`t right or something (even though I tried it first on a scrap piece of paper), so the sewing in the hair is all bunched up on the reverse side, but it doesn`t show or have any effect on the finished piece.   I really love lace, especially the vintage sort.  Anything vintage, really....

Well, that`s the last blog of the day.  Typical me: no posts for 2 months, then 4 in one day!  I`m off to the studio now, since I`ve been busy doing other stuff all day and I promised the gallery in Johnstreet that I`d have some paintings finished by Wednesday.   The stress of it all!! I`m just going to pop up and see that Annabelle is OK; she prefers me to put her to bed rather than papá!!  I can hear her screaming, so the studio will just have to wait for a while...... Teething babies have to come first.

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