17 May 2012


a little bird told me
48 x 30cm 

a little bird told me II
37 x 47.5 cm

he loves me, he loves me not
38.5 x 52.5 cm

(all figures are approximate since these have to be mounted and framed)

These are monotypes as opposed to monoprints.  Not so long ago, I never knew there was a difference, but apparently there is!  So I decided to inform myself and here`s what I discovered: monoprints have something that is repeated in each print, e.g lines from a drypoint plate, which means that the artist can make an editioned set of prints.  Monotypes, on the other hand, are completely one-off, they can never be repeated.  As they say, you live and learn.  

Somebody told me recently that my work made them think of Chagall.  Apart from the name, and a few very famous pieces, I  never really knew that much about his art, but when I checked out more I discovered yes, I think there`s something?! His work is dreamlike, all about colour and he is one of the cornerstones of naive art, which, in my opinion, is a difficult, at times misunderstood genre, since sometimes I think people think naive is synonymous for childish.   Anyway, my women figures have turned out, practically of their own making, to be so sad-looking, melancholic, but I prefer pathos to a smileful of teeth?!

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