13 Dec 2012

new pen and inks!

Here are some more pen and inks I`ve been working on.  I decided to try sepia for a change, instead of black, although you wouldn`t really notice unless you saw these beside something black to appreciate the difference.... More and more I seem to be harking back to my childhood days growing up on a farm, feeding the cattle with my Dad, hours spent reading and watching Heidi and Little House on the Prairie.  Then there`s my love of vintage reflected in the figures`dresses and patterns, lending the style a strong sense of design, or at least I hope so! Somewhere between naive, figurative, narrative and my ever-increasing interest in folk art.  People often ask me how I define my style, I don`t know really, I guess it just is what it is.....

These are now for sale in Johnstreet Gallery, Ballymena.

 the milkmaid sisters
pen and ink
12 x 9 inches on hot pressed (smooth) watercolour paper

pen and ink
12 x 9 inches on hot pressed watercolour paper

all God`s creatures
pen and ink
12 x 9 inches on hot pressed watercolour paper

These will be mounted and framed with either a white or black (most probably black!) matte frame.  The above measurements do not include these.

Just to mention also that the following 3 pieces (posted previously) are now also in Johnstreet.  So if you`re local, or in the area, why not pop in before Christmas.  They`d make a nice present (and it`d also make me very happy too!) unless of course you`re one of those terribly anoying extremely organised people who have all their pressies bought and wrapped already!!!!!?

 taming the stag
watercolour on khadi paper
36 x 30.5 cms unframed

 while you were sleeping
coloured pencil
36.5 x 26cms unframed

The gallery will frame these for me.  If you check out the link on the right: realirishart.com, they should hopefully have all the new info posted within the next week, and dimensions including frame.  

 the milkmaid
monotype print on BFK Rives paper
64 x 53 cm (including creamish mount and black frame)  

PS: the Bethlehem Village Experience, an amazing tour with sets and  acting, singing, real animals, etc. is on from last night in Ballymena North.  Unfortunately, I just couldn`t get the big painted jigsaw done - too many tummy bugs and other commitments, but if you`re anywhere near, I think you`d really enjoy it. Plus, it reminds us what Christmas is really all about.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words at my blog Judith. Your art is wonderful!, I specially love the Free Range one :-) big hug, Geninne.

  2. Sorry for very belated thanks Gennine! I dithered about buying your book, (amazon is a financial viability for me!) but I am SO glad I did. I 've been stamping for a while, but you are a complete and utter expert, and I would never have thought to make my own wrapping paper... Especially love the stamped stones/pebbles!! You are amazingly talented, always follow your blog and your new home s beautiful. All those cacti remind me if Chile.... How do you keep your studio so tidy? Can't wait for te next book!